Like many industries in North Texas and across the country, the City of Richardson is looking for candidates for hard-to-fill positions due to rising demand for labor associated with the recovery from the pandemic. Positions range across a variety of different specialties, from administrative duties to field work on infrastructure, and include both full- and part-time work. Roles also encompass many functions, including public services, parks and recreation, transportation and engineering.

Requirements for the openings are as varied as the positions themselves, from some high school to higher education, and a range of experience levels. The City recently increased the pay for positions that are some of the hardest to fill.

“These are essential positions like custodian, solid waste loader, maintenance helper and traffic sign aide,” said Baby Raley, Assistant Human Resources Director. “For many of the positions, a person could step in, show their basic skill sets and their ability to learn, and earn the certifications and additional skills along the way.”

The City offers unique permanence and provides employees with competitive pay and benefits. Many City employees spend a majority of their careers with Richardson.

“The average employee tenure is around 12 years, with the longest so far being 40 years of service. There is stability and no layoffs were made during COVID,” Raley said. “That’s another contributor to our vacancies. A generation of employees are becoming eligible to retire and we need that next generation to come in, learn, grow and lead.”

Eric Robison, Director of Public Services, said, “There are advancement opportunities, license/certification training, strong work-life balance, pay on bad weather days, tuition reimbursement and paid holidays.”

Shohn Rodgers, Superintendent of Parks, said the department needs to fill several positions.

“Working for the City of Richardson has lots of benefits, and working for the Parks and Recreation Department is particularly choice,” he said. “This department really promotes a positive culture, and the services we provide are more valuable than they may seem at first. Especially over the pandemic, we saw park use rise precipitously because residents needed a safe and useful outdoor space to pursue gatherings, athletics, exercise and recreation. Everyone in the department gets to see how their work pays off.”

The City needs project engineer, construction inspector and facilities maintenance specialist positions, Shawn Poe, Director of Engineering, said.

“We offer an awesome culture, amazing community support, wonderful team members and environment, and a tremendous opportunity to make a difference and define your purpose,” he said.

“I think we have a family culture here and we care for one another. We also have a learning culture. If you come in at the bottom, you have the opportunity to learn, train and advance,” Raley said. “For many people, I believe it is the sense of purpose. If you work for a municipality, it’s the public service. No matter what position you’re in, you’re giving back to the community and you’re contributing to the same goal. Employees at the City of Richardson have a passion to serve this community.”

Interested candidates are invited to search job opportunities and apply.

For more information, visit E-mail or call 972-744-4001.