Partial results from the 2020 Census were presented to the City Council Monday by Development Services staff. The data includes total population, voting age population, race and ethnicity, broken down by geographic areas (block/block group/tract/city).  Richardson’s population has grown by around 20,000 residents since 2010, from 99,223 to 119,469.

As per the City Charter, once Census data is released every 10 years, the City Council is required to appoint a commission to review Council district boundaries and revise the boundaries if necessary, to ensure population equality between districts. A District Boundary Commission will be appointed at a future City Council meeting. The Commission will hold public meetings and one or more public hearings before making recommendations to the Council.

In 2022, additional data from the 2020 Census will be released including five-year age groups, sex and household type. The City plans to update its demographic information web page as information becomes available.

Website: Demographics