The demand for hand sanitizers has increased dramatically across the country making it harder for the City to purchase. Orders made by the City weeks ago are starting to slowly be filled, but the need is also being helped by local businesses that are making their own and donating some to the City to use across all departments. One such donation this week was from Lockwood Distillery, which donated several cases.

Masks and Sanitizing Kits Donated to City

Operation Blessing recently donated 500 N95 masks to the City of Richardson for use by staff and first responders. The Home Depot Foundation has provided the City with 36 sanitizing kits (five gallon Home Depot Buckets) that are filled with cleaning and sanitizing supplies such as bleach spray, disinfectant wipes, paper towels, all-purpose cleaner, work gloves, contractor bags and scouring pads. ***Anyone wishing to donate sanitizer or masks to the City for use among municipal workers, including first responders, can contact Community Services at 972-744-4168 to coordinate their donations.***