Business leaders from around the country and Pakistan gathered in Richardson for the Second Pakistan-USA Business Summit, which was a continuation of an event that was held in September 2018 in Pakistan.

The Summit, which was organized in collaboration with Chambers and business organizations in Pakistan explored bilateral trade opportunities as well as the possibility of opening more avenues in the two respective markets.

The purpose of the Summit is for participants to have a better understanding of the business environment in both Pakistan and the United States and explore how residents of both countries will proposer and progress by working together.

“Richardson is very hospitable to international business and you can see there is a lot of investment from various companies, they have moved their businesses to Richardson and same way, we are having international delegation coming to Richardson,” said Anwar Azam, Treasurer of the Second Pakistan USA Business Summit.

Organizers of the Summit are working to host a Trade Show in Islamabad Pakistan that will help the U.S. business community promote their products in Pakistan as well as a Trade Show in Dallas that will help the Pakistani business community promote their products in the U.S.