Air North Texas, a division of the North Central Texas Council of Governments, is asking North Texans to consider starting new habits that help the environment when making New Year’s resolutions. Here are three of several resolution ideas listed in a recent post at the Air North Texas blog:

  • Learn How to Compost
    When food is wasted, it ends up using more water and contributing to rises in greenhouse gases, both detrimental to the air we breathe and the environment we live in. Learn how to put leftovers to good use here.
  • Use Reusable Bags and Cups
    Using reusable cups, bottles and bags will keep you from adding to the 4.2 million tons of plastic bags and sacks and the 35 billion empty water bottles contributed to landfills and waterways by Americans each year.
  • Conserve Electricity
    Conserve energy and improve air quality by turning off lights and appliances when you leave the house and replace bulbs with LEDs instead of using fluorescent or incandescent bulbs.