RICHARDSON – The annual wildflower planting program in Richardson has started, with Parks and Recreation Department staff planting seeds that include a mix of red corn poppy, corn flower and rocket larkspur into various locations around the community.

“We try to get a broad spectrum of yellows, reds, purples and blues,” said Glen Murphy, Park Maintenance Supervisor.

The process of planting about 2,400 pounds of wildflower seeds is simple. The crew first has to mow the grass as close to the soil as possible. Then, a vacuum cleans up the area before the seeder comes in to plant the seeds. 

“Once they start to blossom, we should have a lot of color which makes it appealing for people,” he said.

The wildflowers will be planted at city parks, medians and the west and east side of US 75. They are also being planted around Richardson City Hall and the Richardson Public Library, which are some of the best locations in the city for wildflower photo opps.