Work is progressing on the 825 Pressure Zone Improvements Project, a joint venture between the City and the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) to help improve water capacity. This week, 178 miles of cable were wrapped around the ground storage tank under construction at the Northside Pump Station near Point North Park, pulling together multiple concrete panels and “shotcrete” in a process that causes the exterior to become one continuous surface.   

Other parts of the project include a new pump station at the Northside site (which will pump 15 million gallons per day); two water lines that connect to Renner Road (one funded by NTMWD extends eastward to Custer Road; another, funded by the City, extends eastward to Alma Road and north to the Bush Turnpike); a new NTMWD metering station; and a 10-foot-wide trail along Alma Road. Richardson Parks and Recreation crews have been busy the past few weeks planting trees along Renner Road, replacing trees lost during water line construction.  

The COR water line is now complete and the ground storage tank is expected to be completed in the fall; most other parts of the project are expected to be complete by spring 2025.