The City’s ongoing installation of a new, 30-inch water line recently necessitated the removal of 43 trees on the Renner Road median between Point North Parkway/Tam O-Shanter Lane and Custer Parkway. The removal by contractor crews happened earlier in the project than what was planned, so the City was not able to give prior notification to the community. Unfortunately, none of the alternative pipeline alignment options studied prior to finalizing project plans were feasible; some options could have also damaged or removed trees north and south of the road that provide significant shade and buffering to adjacent homes. 

Once the project is complete, the City plans to plant new, waterwise, native ornamental trees in the median with smaller root structures; new trees will be planted in the surrounding areas as well. 

Note that a separate water line project will start soon in the area by the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD); it may also require the removal of some trees. The City is continuing to work with NTMWD to finalize the line’s placement and mitigate any landscaping impacts associated with the project.