RICHARDSON – While many gymnasts are competing in Tokyo this summer, there is a new generation of athlete working hard inside the Richardson Gymnastics Center.

“Gymnastics is a very popular sport for young kids, for both boys and girls, it’s a great starter sport for any other sport. It teaches, not just discipline and goal setting, and hard work, but agility and speed, and strength and flexibility, and body awareness,” said Megan Fenton, Gymnastics Center Manager.

About every four years when the spotlight shines bright on the sport of gymnastics, centers across the country experience a surge in enrollment and staff at the Richardson Gymnastics Center say they’re ready.

The Richardson Gymnastics Center has become one of the finest and longest standing gymnastics programs in Texas. Competitive teams include level two through level 10 with upper level gymnast working towards earning a college scholarship.

The Richardson Gymnastics Center was constructed as part of the 2010 Bond Program which included the building of Heights Recreation Center and the Heights Family Aquatic Center.

If you would like more information about the Gymnastics Center please call 972-744-7860 or visit