We recently spoke to the superintendent of the Sherrill Park Golf Course to find out how the facility stays nice and green year-round and how Richardson residents can use some of those practices at home. 

The secret to a great looking lawn includes watering and mowing regularly and applying fertilizer once or even twice a year. 

The golf course consists of more than 300 acres with a crew of 13 making sure the greens are properly watered, fertilized and mowed.  The grass is monitored closely and regularly through soil analysis which tests the amount of nutrients being applied. 

“You always want to use a fertilizer that has a least 50 percent of a slow release and you’re going to get half of it now and the other 50 percent is generally going to be released over a six to eight-week period. The secret to a great lawn is properly maintaining it with water, mowing it and fertilizing it,” said Steve Greenhaw, superintendent, Sherrill Park Golf Course.

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