Annually, May 29 is National Learn About Composting Day, and if you haven’t tried composting yet, it’s a great time to get more information about it. Composting is the natural process of recycling organic matter, such as leaves and food scraps, into a valuable, nutrient-rich natural fertilizer called compost (that looks a lot like garden soil) that can be used for gardening, horticulture and agriculture. Compost can be created in small, covered bins or large, backyard piles, and not only benefits gardens, but keeps unnecessary waste out of landfills and the water system. 

The City of Richardson practices composting by having its cut brush and limbs turned into mulch and compost at the regional Texas Pure facility; residents may participate by placing cut limbs and brush at the curb and/or by placing leaves and grass clippings into compostable yard bags at the curb, and requesting a BABIC pickup. 

Composting information: Composting – How to make good compost at home (

BABIC information: Make Mulch, Not Trash | Richardson, TX (