October is a great time to plant trees and other ornamental landscaping, but homeowners should avoid planting trees in certain locations to prevent potential problems and ensure the health and safety of their properties.  

Here are a few places to avoid : 

  • Where trees may block visibility of traffic signs or street corners 
  • Between the sidewalk and street (parkway) 
  • Too close to other trees 
  • Too close to sidewalks, streets, alleyways or driveways 
  • Too close to a house, chimney or other structure 
  • Where trees block access to utility transformers 
  • Near utility lines, if tree is large (plant trees smaller than 20 feet tall instead) 
  • Where trees encroach on a neighbor’s property 
  • Where trees may block views 
  • Where trees may shade an existing garden that needs sunlight 

Free Online Guide to Tree Planting: Texas Tree Selector (tamu.edu)