If you have tree limbs/other yard trimmings piled up and don’t want to wait until your next day for a free BABIC (Brush and Bulky Item Collection) pick-up, you can haul your pile to Texas Pure’s Custer Road grind site in Plano, 9901 Custer Rd., for a free drop-off. Texas Pure partners with Richardson and four other cities in turning the cities’ yard waste into mulch and compost that is then used by the cities for landscaping and sold to the public in bags and by the cubic yard (residents of member cities receive a discount).

Residents of member cities (not commercial entities) are allowed two free drop-offs per monthly utility bill cycle. Make sure to bring along your City water bill and deliver trimmings in a personal vehicle and/or trailer that’s titled or insured in the name matching your driver’s license and water bill to avoid fees. For more information, click here.

Website: www.texaspureproducts.com
BABIC information: www.cor.net/BABIC