RICHARDSON – Six times a year, there’s a type of ‘changing of the guard’ that takes place at Heights Recreation Center, as members of the Richardson Civic Art Society (RCAS) prepare to showcase a local artist.

It’s called the Solo Exhibit and this time around the RCAS is featuring musician Steve Sanderson.

“No artist can survive in a vacuum. If you create music and if you’re the only one that ever hears it or you create a work of art and the only wall it ever hangs on is yours or you’re the only one that ever sees it, you’re fulfilled. You want to share that vision, that beauty. It’s important that you have an audience,” said Sanderson, who joined the RCAS about two years ago.

The gallery at Heights not only promotes art and puts an artists’ work on full display, but it also helps bring life to a somewhat empty wall throughout the year.

“When the art changes at the recreation center, it’s really cool, to see the personality of the different artist shine through his or her work,” said Sarah Patton, Recreation Special Events Manager.

 The current Solo Exhibit featuring Sanderson’s work will be on display through the middle of April at Heights Recreation Center.

The RCAS is also responsible for Solo Exhibits at Huffhines Recreation Center. RCAS is one of many organizations funded in part by the city through the Cultural Arts Commission.

Visit for more information on the organization and their upcoming art exhibits.