With rain in the area over the past two weeks, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service’s “Water My Yard” program has been sending out the “no watering required” message lately to Richardson-area subscribers. While that may seem obvious, many water customers “set it and forget it,” putting their lawn sprinklers on automatic year-round. This practice wastes water and increases water bills, not to mention that watering during times of precipitation is prohibited under the City’s Water Conservation Plan.

The best way to manage lawn watering with a sprinkler system is to set it to “manual,” and “Water My Yard” is a great way for busy people to remember/know when to turn it on and for how long. Sign up for the free service online with a few short steps and receive weekly reminder e-mails or text messages based on your type of watering system and local weather conditions for your ZIP code area.

Website: www.watermyyard.org
Website: www.cor.net/waterconservation