Richardson ISD is hosting its first-ever Future-Family Host Day and Career Carnival this weekend as a way to introduce prospective teachers to the city and school district. In order to ensure its faculty reflects the diversity found among its students, Richardson ISD recruits teachers from across the United States. The 54 teachers in town this week included a mix of experienced teachers and recent college graduates who are looking for their first teaching job.

“The diversity is so great in Richardson ISD, that we have to recruit a diverse teaching population,” said Kyndra Johnson, RISD Executive Director of STEM and Innovation. “We recruit at both UT Dallas and UT Arlington and always like to try and bring back Richardson ISD graduates to teach in the district, but we recruit nationwide to try and mimic the diversity you find in our district.”

Richardson Mayor Paul Voelker visits with prospective Richardson ISD teachers.

At a breakfast held Friday morning, Mayor Paul Voelker spoke to the teachers, noting that Richardson has been named one of the top cities in the United States for teachers to live due to its amenities and highly educated population. He went on to share a bit about what he feels makes Richardson a special place to live and work.

“We are a vibrant, high-tech and highly educated city that has a strong focus on education,” Mayor Voelker told the teachers. “I’m excited that you are thinking about a career here, and I know if you come to work here, the City of Richardson will be very welcoming.”

In addition to the breakfast, the teachers took a tour of the city, visited several campuses and met with district administrators. This weekend’s event was sponsored by the Texas Instruments Foundation and Johnson said she hopes the prospective teachers come away from the weekend sold on what RISD and the City of Richardson have to offer.

“At regular career fairs you meet a lot of good teachers, but they don’t really get to know the city and the community,” Johnson said. “We really believe we are all one big family, so what better way to introduce candidates to RISD then by bringing them in and showing them what we are all about. That will help them make a more informed decision when they decide if they want to join our team.”