Richardson crews are working hard to restore several traffic lights that lost power after a storm with heavy rain and strong winds moved into the area Sunday.

Crews were also seen picking up debris in several neighborhoods and parks where trees, as well as many of their branches, had fallen. The fallen branches have been causing disruption to a number of services.

“We’ve made many calls for service for electrical lines down, trees into houses, trees on top of cars, trees on top of power lines, power lines pulled out of houses and electrical fires,” said Chief Curtis Poovey, Richardson Fire Department.

Reports of downed tree limbs in neighborhoods primarily in the southwestern part of the community kept Richardson Firefighters, 911 dispatchers and other City crews busy into the night and early Monday morning. The majority of the fires have now been safely put out and many are hoping that things will be able to return to normal soon.

Those whose houses may have suffered electrical damage as a result of the storm will need to ensure that it is safe to reenter their homes by finding an electrician come and check their electrics. They can click here to go on Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting website if this service is required.

The storm also caused damage to traffic signals along Coit Road, Belt Line Road and West Spring Valley Road/Centennial Blvd which initially caused many delays.

Traffic Crews have restored several, but others are running on battery or generators for the time being.