Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) began operating 13 new GoLink zones Monday, including two in Richardson. DART’s GoLink service offers on-demand, curb-to-curb shuttles to anywhere within each specified zone as well as to DART transit facilities, at no additional cost with a valid DART fare.

The new Richardson GoLink zones are in the northeastern and central portions of the city—the #10 East Telecom zone covers portions of three existing bus routes in the Telecom area and extends into Plano; the #8 Central Richardson zone covers portions of three other existing bus routes.

In total, DART now supports 30 GoLink zones (plus one zone co-supported with a nonprofit in southern Dallas County), which will replace some traditional fixed-route bus service when DART’s bus network redesign changes go into effect Jan. 24. All existing bus routes will continue operating until then.

Website: www.dart.org/golink
Website: www.dartzoom.org