RICHARDSON – The Richardson Animal Shelter is currently undergoing renovations. Work is taking place to update the facility and with limited space, an urgent call is being made to the community to help our pets find forever homes.

The construction at the shelter is part of the 2015 Bond Program. It involves the removal of existing chain link kennel enclosures, installing a new epoxy floor coating system, new acoustic panels, and installing new modern kennel enclosures.

“It’s going to decrease the spread of illness and disease in the shelter since its all going to be hard panels and they will be also installing the floors where food and any other waste is not going to be transmitted underneath the kennels,” said Noura Jammal, Animal Services Manager.

For now, the shelter is not accepting anymore dog surrenders. They’re currently at capacity and looking go give 28 dogs a good home. The shelter only has five dogs in foster care and have been coping during the first of three phases of renovation.

Photos of adoptable pets are available online and, on the shelter’s, social media pages. The shelter also plans to take part in the “Clear the Shelter” event in August to help get more pets adopted.

To consider pet adoption visit