Need ideas for a “green” New Year’s resolution? Make a positive environmental impact by starting the practice of placing leaves and grass clippings in compostable bags, which are picked up curbside for free by the City’s Brush and Bulky Item Collection (BABIC) service. The bags, which are made of thick, brown paper and available for purchase in the lawn and garden section of many home improvement retailers, may be filled with leaves, grass and small twigs. When full, call BABIC to let them know you have compostable bags needing to be picked up, and place near the curb on your regular recycling day. The leaves, grass clippings and bags all become compost. In contrast, leaves and grass clippings that are put in plastic trash bags are picked up with regular trash and end up in the landfill, taking up needed space.

Another option is to ditch the bags completely and do what the City does with grass clippings and fallen leaves on City property—shred them with a mulching lawnmower or regular lawnmower and leave them on top of existing grass. They break down quickly and provide vital nutrients for a healthy lawn.

Contact: 972-744-4111