RICHARDSON – Homeowners are still cleaning up the mess after a recent winter weather storm hit north Texas causing power outages and many frozen pipes to bust.

Soon after the storm, several people relied on the City of Richardson’s Rent-A-Bin program to remove the debris from their homes. The program, which is available year-round at a cost, continues to be free for a week for people impacted by the storm.

The bins come in three different sizes, an 8-yard container, a 20-yard container or a 30-yard container. To have the bin delivered, all people have to do is print, sign and return a waiver found on the city’s website to Solid Waste Commercial and set up a time. 

“The Rent-A-Bin program is a very good program.  Just to get rid of general house cleanup, or for storm debris, to dispose of that material rather than having to haul it out to the curb, call for a Brush and Bulky item. Or if it’s a lot of material, it’s just easier to put it in one central container and its done,” said Paula Johnson, Environmental Services Superintendent.

Although there’s a lot of material people can place in a bin. The following items cannot be in a container:

  • Liquids and hazardous material (such as paint or oil)
  • Roofing material, shingles
  • Title and laminated flooring
  • Ceramic tile
  • Brick, concrete, asphalt, rock, gravel, dirt or sand
  • Railroad ties
  • Vehicle parts

If you’re interested in using Richardson’s Rent-A-Bin program, make a reservation by calling 972-744-4111.

Visit for more information including cost and to fill out the waiver.