With possible storms predicted for tonight (May 19), people heading to the Wildflower! Arts & Music Festival are advised to plan ahead since the festival takes place “rain or shine.” The show will go on if there’s no lightning, no Tornado Warnings/destructive winds or destructive hail in the area, and if rain is not heavy. If the outside events have to be postponed due to weather, scheduled performances on the Eisemann Center’s two stages will still take place. 

Community Events staff recommend bringing a rain poncho and a ground cover just in case outdoor audience areas get muddy. Each person attending is allowed to bring a portable/collapsible chair or a blanket/sheet/towel (and one factory-sealed water bottle per person, as well as binoculars, strollers and more—click here for a complete list). While any severe weather notifications will be relayed at festival stages, Emergency Operations Staff recommend signing up for the Emergency Alert System (EAS) to receive weather notifications at all your summer outdoor events—the system allows users to receive Wireless Emergency Alert messages via their phones. 

Website: Sign Up for Emergency Alerts 
Website: www.wildflowerfestival.com