The 2018-19 Budget, approved by the City Council last month includes an overall increase of 4.1 percent in expenditures from last year, reflecting strong property values
experienced in the city associated with growth in the Richardson Telecom Corridor© and North Texas area. The new Budget directly applies the impact of this recent
growth toward improvements in infrastructure and resources for public safety.

Concrete RepairThe Budget maintains the tax rate of $0.62516 and includes an increase in the City’s senior property tax exemption to $85,000. “One of the most important themes in this year’s Budget is showing our stakeholders the policy ‘paths’ that guide where their money is being spent,” said Richardson City Manager Dan Johnson. “We  Acknowledge that property values have increased, and the people in Richardson want to know what added value they receive for their tax dollars. Our value proposition money specifically to support infrastructure maintenance, boost public safety resources, leverage economic development opportunities and enhance the customer
experience. This Budget makes a direct connection to those goals to meet our City Council’s objective to make Richardson a clean, safe, vibrant and inclusive community
in which residents, businesses and other stakeholders enjoy a high quality of life and are proud to call ‘home’.”

The following are some key highlights included in this year’s Budget.

Infrastructure Maintenance
Infrastructure maintenance is funded at $6 million in this year’s Budget for arterial streets, collector streets and neighborhood zones, an alley repair program, and a preventative maintenance program. Also included in that total are repairing and enhancing nine bridge railings, replacing traffic control and guide signs and overhead street name signs as needed, refreshing and replacing numerous pavement markings and adding one mile of bike lane.

Public Safety
This year’s Budget includes capital funding for the Public Safety Campus and Fire Station 3 projects that were approved in the 2015 Bond Program. Funding
is included for the replacement of vehicles for the Police Department and the replacement of a Quint fire apparatus and an ambulance for the Fire Department. The Budget also includes monies for the replacement of the Fire Department’s self-contained breathing apparatus equipment.

Park Maintenance
The 2018-19 Budget establishes ½ cent of the property tax dedication for parks maintenance projects and implements a multiyear maintenance strategy. See
story on page 4. Other Park facility improvement projects in this year’s Budget include re-plastering, slide replacement and pool cover replacement at Terrace Pool. Also
included are the refinishing of the slide at Heights Family Aquatic Center and autofill repairs at Canyon Creek, Cottonwood and Glenville pools.

Economic Development
and Renewal This fund was first established in Fiscal 2014-15 with a ½ cent from the property tax rate dedicated to help build resources to attract
catalyst projects designed to encourage redevelopment and create quality employment centers. Funding has increased over the last several years and the original
½ cent is now 8/10 cent for Fiscal 2018-19.

Other highlights include:

  • Certified Tax Roll increase of 8.64 percent
  • Sales Tax forecast of 2.75 percent above estimated year-end 2017-18 collections
  • 3 percent merit-based market adjustments for all public safety employees. Eligible public safety employees may also receive up to 5 percent merit-based step increases
  • 3 percent merit-based increases for general employees
  • 9 percent rate adjustment in water and sewer services
  • No increase for trash service
  • Funding of $2.9 million of 4-year debt financing for general equipment, vehicles and projects