With the new year upon us, the North Central Texas Council of Governments’ Air North Texas division recently offered several ideas for New Year’s resolutions that involve living in a more environmentally friendly fashion. Even just one of the following small steps can make a big impact: 

  • Learn How to Compost
    Richardson supports composting and mulching through its “Make Mulch Not Trash” lawn care initiative. Both practices can decrease the amount of trash the City sends to the landfill by 20-30 percent). www.cor.net/mulch  
  • Use Reusable Drink Cups and Shopping Bags
    This simple step helps keep you from having to dispose of countless bottles, cups and bags—nearly 4,200,000 tons are disposed of by Americans each year according to the EPA
  • Take Public Transit
    Richardson is home to four DART Light Rail stations and part of a network of DART buses and on-demand shuttles. www.dart.org  
  • Conserve Electricity
    Ideas: Turn off lights and appliances when you leave home; replace bulbs with LEDs. 
  • Learn About Air Quality
    Check out www.airnorthtexas.org to learn about how air quality affects your life and ways to keep our air at its best.  

Website: www.airnorthtexas.org