For the past two years, the furry (and sometimes feathered) residents of the Richardson Animal Shelter have been getting out into the community each month thanks to a large, air conditioned, customized mobile trailer. The Mobile Adoption Trailer was provided by local nonprofit Richardson AnimaLuv in the spring of 2017 (in partnership with the City) and has been showing up at festivals, businesses and corporate and City events ever since, with a menagerie of adoptable pets on board.

“Everyone who has encountered the trailer has loved it,” said Shelter Supervisor of Events and Special Projects Noura Jammal. “It’s been a great way to let people know about the Shelter, especially people who have just moved here or who may not live in Richardson but work here.”

The 14-foot trailer includes up to 12 bays for housing animals plus space inside for prospective pet adopters to interact with the animals. An onboard laptop computer allows for onsite adoptions.

“The interaction area inside is a huge benefit,” Jammal said. “When we show up at corporate events, it provides a nice break for employees…it’s great to be able to hug and play with a puppy or a kitten in the middle of a work day, which does sometimes end up in adoption.”

The Mobile Adoption Trailer has also visited UT Dallas during finals week, where Jammal said students have been able to interact with some “cuddly cuties” to help them de-stress and reduce anxiety.

She said about 20 adoptions have happened onsite at the trailer, at CityLine Plaza, Geico’s Pet Fest and other events.

“Some of the dogs adopted have been longtime residents at the Shelter which is so heartwarming to see,” Jammal said. “It makes us so happy to see them finally find a home.”

For more information on adopting pets, contact the Richardson Animal Shelter at 972-744-4480 or visit