RICHARDSON – Winners were recently selected for Richardson’s inaugural Martin Luther King, Jr. Essay Contest which received hundreds of entries.

“I was screaming, and I was excited to tell everyone about it,” said fourth grader Clara Eves, who remembered the moment she learned she was selected as one of winners of the Essay Contest.

Students who participated in the contest were asked to share how they would promote, embrace, and celebrate diversity and inclusion in Richardson.

“We can be the ones to determine that everyone is equal. We can choose to look at the inside of a person rather than their physical appearance,” said nineth grader, Grace Brantley.

Winners of the Essay Contest hope people who read their work can learn what Dr. King taught, to love others, dream big, persevere, work hard, and stand up for what is right. The

Essay Contest was presented by the Richardson City Council and sponsored by RISD, PISD and UTD along with a Black History Month Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion Art Contest.

“Before judging people by what they look like, we should take the time to introduce ourselves, get to know them and I think a lot of people will realize it really does not matter what you look like, it’s what’s inside that counts,” said seventh grader Sara Heiser.

Winners of all contests will be recognized in April.

Visit to read all three winning entries.