RICHARDSON – Since March many musicians have not been able to perform on stage, but a new program from the Lone Star Wind Orchestra (LSWO) is making sure artists continue making music even during a pandemic.

It’s called The Lone Star Global Ensemble, a digital project where musicians download a play-along video, select a track to perform and upload their recording.

Musicians in Richardson and 38 other countries have already participated in the program, which gives them the opportunity to not only share their passion for music, but also learn about other cultures.

“It was a great melting pot of culture because we were able to all come together and perform together regardless of where we are from,” said musician Austin Townsend.

More than 2,000 musicians have already downloaded the music since the Global Ensemble began. The group’s videos have received over 300,000 views.

LSWO is one of many community organizations funded in part by the City through the Cultural Arts Commission.

Visit for more information on the digital performances.