RICHARDSON – Many theaters across the country have temporarily closed due to impacts related to COVID-19 leaving many local artists without a stage to perform, but a recently created Facebook group called Quarantined Cabaret is helping actors, singers and dancers in Richardson perform again.

The Quarantined Cabaret includes members of groups supported by the City’s Cultural Arts Grants. In recent weeks the online group has grown with more than 43,000 members.

“When you really stop to think about it, the performances that are being uploaded to the Facebook group are being shared worldwide and anybody has access to them, its just unthinkable and beautiful,” said Richardson performer, Carlos Manuel Cadena.

There are many things that have come out of the Cabaret including reunions with high school theater friends, a chance to write original songs and perform driveway concerts. The best part of making videos right from the living room, according to the performers, is creating performances that will last forever.

“If there is just one person that I made smile then me sitting down in front of my cell phone is worth it,” said Richardson actress Laura Jennings.

People interested in watching performances from local artists can visit and search “Quarantined Cabaret.”