The City’s annual “blue bag letters” will be mailed next week and homeowners should begin seeing them arrive in mailboxes by next weekend. The letters can be taken to one of several City facilities (listed in the letter) to be redeemed for two rolls of 26 blue recycling bags (52 total). There is no expiration date on the letters (past years’ letters are still redeemable as well).

Through the Blue Bag Program, homeowners can combine all of their recyclable material into one bag and place it out for weekly pickup service. A list of items that are accepted can be found online at the City’s recycling web page, as well as maps showing the weekly recycling pickup days for various areas of the city. The City also provides a drop-off recycling center that is open to residents from 7 a.m.-9 p.m. seven days a week, located at the Westside Pump Station, 101 N. Cottonwood Dr.