The recent wildfire disaster in Maui and the many wildfires that fire crews have battled throughout Texas this summer are a stark reminder that hot weather and dry vegetation, coupled with wind, create ripe conditions for a fast-spreading fire. Since the DFW area was listed as “Very High” on the state’s Texas A&M Forest Service (TAMFS) “Fire Danger Forecast” maps this week, it’s a good time to remind Richardson residents of fire prevention actions—according to the TAMFS, 90 percent of the wildfires in Texas have been human-caused.  

Fire prevention actions recommended by TAMFS include: 

  • Avoid driving and/or parking in tall, dry grass 
  • Secure trailer safety chains so they won’t drag on the road, producing sparks 
  • Keep tires inflated—tire failure can cause wheel rims to come in contact with pavement 
  • Place outdoor grills away from shrubs, woodpiles, grass, etc. 
  • Avoid outdoor grilling with wood or charcoal on windy days 
  • Never travel with a lit or smoldering grill in the back of a truck or trailer  

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