The power outages that affected much of Richardson this week were hard on not only people but pets as well. With the Richardson Animal Shelter without power for much of the week, a generator was used to provide electricity and heat and ensure shelter animals remained safe and warm.

Animals that needed a little more help staying warm were dressed in clothes or provided heavy blankets by Shelter staff. With the extreme cold temperatures remaining in place through at least the end of the week, pet owners are encouraged to take some steps to keep their pets safe.

This includes keeping cats inside and limiting the amount of times dogs are outside to use the bathroom. Freezing temperatures can cause damage to animals’ paws, amplify certain health conditions and put them at risk for hypothermia.

Animal Services has also been out in the community this week checking for pets and stray animals at risk—if you are concerned about an animal’s welfare, call 972-744-4480 for assistance.