• “A Pegasus Smorgasbord!” Streaming Event Dec. 31-Jan. 1
    8 p.m. Thursday and Friday, online. Tickets are $18.
    Perennial Eisemann favorite Pegasus Theatre presents a special New Year’s event, “A Pegasus Smorgasbord!,” a compilation of scenes from previous Pegasus “Living Black and White®” shows. The streaming event will be narrated by Kurt Kleinmann and Barbara Weinberger and includes behind-the-scenes information not available elsewhere.
  • “A Trifle Dead: The Movie” Streaming Event Jan. 8-22
    8 p.m. Fridays. Tickets are $18.
    “A Trifle Dead: The Movie” is another hilarious whodunit from Pegasus Theatre, featuring beloved Pegasus characters Harry Hunsacker, Nigel Grouse and Lt. Foster trying to find a murderer in a mansion full of suspects, on a cold night in 1938. For cost and safety reasons, this show does not employ Pegasus’ special trade-secret Living Black and White® technique, but it was taped in black and white to give the performance a similar look.

Unless otherwise noted, tickets to Eisemann Center events are available at the Eisemann Center Ticket Office (credit card only), 972-744-4650 and at www.eisemanncenter.com. Click here for more information about the Eisemann Center’s COVID-19 safety procedures.