City staff updated the City Council Monday on the design phase of the Custer Parkway Reconstruction Project currently underway, and the typical construction challenges it faced during such projects. The 2021 Bond-funded project includes full reconstruction of Custer Parkway (between Campbell Road and the Bush Turnpike), with water, sewer and drainage improvements.  

Due to the extensive nature of the project, trees and landscaping may be affected on the median as well as on the rights-of-way (ROW)—a map was displayed showing locations along the parkway where the landscaping has been deemed “high risk” for removal. Staff outlined remediation steps planned if tree removal becomes necessary, including: 

  • (ROW) Compensate property owner to replace the tree in alternative location, 
  • (Median) Replace tree with tree from approved species list, and 
  • Plant additional hardwood trees in nearby Custer and Canyon Creek parks. 

Construction is expected to begin in spring 2024. The Custer Road Improvement Project, currently taking place between Arapaho and Campbell roads, is expected to wrap up in early 2024. 

Monday’s presentation: