The rezoning of the Collins/Arapaho Transit-Oriented Development and Innovation District is underway, and the City of Richardson is throwing a party to celebrate.

A block party was held earlier this evening and another one is taking place, Friday, June 14 at 1302 E. Collins Blvd. for residents and stakeholders to learn more about the Innovation District and offer feedback to city planners on what they would like to see the area become.  The block party will include live music and food trucks.

“There is an opportunity here for the stakeholders in the area, for the citizens of Richardson, people who work in the area and anybody who is interested in the future of the community to offer some opinions and feedback and information how they would like this entire area developed in the future,” said Michael Spicer, director of Development Services.

The 1,200-acre Innovation District surrounds the Arapaho Center DART Station and has long served as a job center for Richardson.  The vision for the area to become a tech hub that will support innovation and a range of businesses, while encouraging the creation of an inviting, green, lively, walkable and bikeable space was created following a nine-month study and a series of open houses and community meetings last year.

Registration is not required but is requested so City staff can have an idea of how many people will be attending.

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