Ever wonder what an eco-friendly lawn looks like? Just check out any Richardson park or median—the City practices “mulch mowing,” or mowing and not bagging grass clippings and leaves. The clippings/leaves decompose quickly and add valuable moisture, nutrients and organic matter to the soil. The practice saves time and money, and also keeps yard waste out of landfills and reduces turf grass fertilizer and water requirements, which minimize chemical runoff from entering storm drains and polluting waterways.

Residents can do the same with a mulching mower or regular mower with a mulching attachment, which cut yard material small enough to easily fall between existing grass blades.

If you prefer bagging, you can still “make mulch” by putting yard waste in compostable bags, available for purchase at many big box retailers and home improvement stores. The City picks up the bags for free as part of its Brush and Bulky Item Collection (BABIC) program and turns them into mulch and compost through a partnership with Texas Pure.

Website: www.cor.net/departments/public-services/trash-recycling/make-mulch-not-trash