The City Council passed a resolution Monday requesting that members of the upcoming 87th Texas Legislature and the 117th U.S. Congress support the City’s 2021 Legislative Agenda. The comprehensive agenda, which includes six key areas of focus (Fiscal Management, Transportation, Economic Vibrancy, Public Safety, Environment, Education and Workforce, and Regional and Community Collaboration) is guided by a main priority to “preserve the ability for locally elected officials to govern and respond effectively and efficiently to the individual and market-driven needs of its residents, businesses and stakeholders.”

The agenda is similar to one passed in 2018 and is in line with the City Council’s 2019-21 Strategy, “Leverage our regional leadership position to positively impact county, state and federal issues.” It is intended to be a broad policy statement on issues anticipated to be discussed in the 2021 legislative sessions, with additional items reviewed by the City Council as necessary.

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