RICHARDSON – Diversity on the campus of the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) is celebrated year-round with an array of cultural programs and events for both students and community members in Richardson.

“Being able to learn about the experiences that others have had and being able to learn how we got to where we are, I think is important,” said UTD student, Tega Osiki, 20, who majors in neuroscience and minors in psychology.

Osiki is a peer advocate for the multicultural center, which is part UTD’s Office of Diversity and Community Engagement.  He not only volunteers to help students and provide resources to the community, but he also helps coordinate events.

“Learning about different cultures, being able to network with other people that are not necessarily in our classroom or in your major is why we host events,” he said.

In addition to events, the Multicultural Center provides support services and activities that enhance the cultural and educational development of UTD students. To be successful professionals and future corporate, government and university leaders, educators say every student should have multicultural knowledge and have social awareness competence.

“We just try to really promote diversity and inclusion,” said D’Andrea Young, coordinator of Cultural Events and Programs.

Community engagement programs are held throughout the year and recognize the amazing strides and contributions made by prominent people across the country.  Residents in Richardson are able to attend and continue learning about our past and future.

“If an attendee of our event is able to walk away with having to learn something new and a deeper appreciation for diversity and a deeper appreciation for UTD’s campus and being impressed by the energy and the resources. I think we did a job well done,” she Young.

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