With below-freezing temperatures expected to take a pause at the end of the weekend, pipes with frozen water inside that have expanded this past week might crack or burst when temperatures rise and the water gets flowing again. 

The burst might not happen immediately when the weather warms up. The ice needs time to thaw, and the pressure builds gradually until the pipe can’t take it anymore.  

If you experience frozen pipes, shut off the main water supply to your home. If you can’t turn it off, call the City of Richardson’s 24-hour Response Line at 972-744-4111. 

  • Once the water has been shut off, open all faucets in the house to reduce pressure on the pipes and minimize flooding if the pipes burst. 
  • If you can access the frozen pipe you can attempt to thaw it by using a hair dryer or space heater. You should never use an open flame. 
  • Examine exposed pipes for leaks, which may appear as the lines begin to thaw. 
  • Contact a professional plumber to inspect and make necessary repairs to the frozen pipes. 

How to shut off water video  

Website: www.cor.net/winterweather