The City of Richardson recognizes the importance of sidewalks for pedestrian access to the community and with sidewalks along both sides of most of Richardson’s almost 500 miles of streets, managing the condition of sidewalks requires an ongoing effort.

A citywide residential sidewalk rehabilitation needs inventory was performed in 2003. This needs study resulted in the city being divided into 27 sidewalk rehabilitation regions, and each region was then ranked according to the identified sidewalk rehabilitation needs.

  • The 2006 Bond Program funded rehabilitation for 11 regions, which were all completed by the fall of 2009.
  • The 2010 Bond Program authorized funding for the next 11 regions that were completed by 2015.
  • The remaining five regions have been funded from the 2015 Bond Program and two regions have been completed to date.
  • Repairs are currently taking place in Region 2, as seen on the map, with Regions 4 and 5 scheduled next.

If you have any questions about the City’s Sidewalk Rehabilitation Program, call 972-744-4280 or go to