RICHARDSON – The U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels took flight over the skies of Richardson Wednesday as part of “America Strong,” a national effort to honor nurses and doctors, first responders and other critical workers.

One of the locations the jets flew over was Methodist Richardson Medical Center where many healthcare workers lined up to watch and cheer.

“I have to say after everything we’ve been through, this is an amazing celebration,” said Shannon Jackson, RN, who is the manager of patient services at MRMC.

The Blue Angels have been flying over other cities across the country since last week. The Boeing F-A 18 Hornets can reach speeds almost twice the speed of sound and can climb 30,000 ft. per minute. Although the flyover lasted only 35 minutes, the group of healthcare workers watching said the moment will last longer.

“We just love it and we’re so lucky to be able to take care of those patients at this time,” said Danielle Cooper, RN, manager of patient services at MRMC.