As part of celebrations for the upcoming Easter holiday, many families will head to local parks to enjoy the long-standing tradition of cracking “cascarones,” or confetti-filled eggs, over someone’s head. Unfortunately, this tradition is an environmental concern for local wildlife and waterways, as the small particles left behind (including glitter and other microplastics) are too small to be collected by parks maintenance staff and are often blown into creeks or ponds, where they can be mistaken as food and eaten by fish and other wildlife, potentially leading to their death. 

Instead, consider wildlife-friendly fillings for cascarones, such as dried flowers and leaves (leaves can even be hole-punched), and/or birdseed, a tasty “after-party” for the birds! Click here for how-to instructions on each. 

Keep in mind that Easter basket “grass” is also a microplastic; check online using the search terms, “eco-friendly Easter basket filler” for many ideas for alternatives.