Staff from Atmos Energy and Oncor gave comprehensive updates to the City Council Monday, providing information about the companies’ existing infrastructure and service to the Richardson community, as well as recent improvement projects.

Highlights from the Atmos (natural gas) presentation include:

  • Atmos serves 27,480 customers in Richardson
  • More than $4.4M was spent in Richardson in Atmos capital expenditures in FY 2021, almost $17M since 2017
  • As of September 2021, there is no known cast iron in the Atmos Mid-Tex system

Highlights from the Oncor (electricity transmission) presentation include:

  • Oncor serves 55,549 customers in Richardson
  • A reliability improvement project was completed this spring, upgrading a 2.95- mile transmission line from north to northwest Richardson that serves more than 8,500 customers
  • Fifty-six percent of Richardson customers experienced a power interruption in 2021 and the average interruption duration for Richardson customers was 39 minutes
  • Oncor has implemented customer communication improvements based on information from the February 2021 power emergency

Video: Aug. 1 Atmos/Oncor presentation