Animal Shelter staff is reminding the public on Facebook that sometimes the best help with wildlife is “no help,” especially in the case of non-injured baby wildlife that appear to be abandoned. It’s normal for certain animal parents to leave babies alone for a while, and interfering lessens the chance of the parent returning.

Here’s a partial list of non-injured baby animals that probably do not need rescuing:

  • Bunnies with all their fur, at least eight inches long, eyes open and hopping around
  • Squirrels with a fluffed-out tail and a body that is longer than six inches
  • Baby birds with feathers, hopping on the ground. If you are concerned about a pet getting to it, place the baby in a bush nearby or on a tree limb nearby. If they are not feathered, try to put the baby back in the nest if you can.

If the parent does not appear to be returning, or for injured wildlife, contact the Shelter.

Contact: 972-744-4480