As temperatures rise this month, Air North Texas (a campaign/partnership of the North Central Texas Council of Governments) is asking individuals and businesses to be proactive and think about strategies to implement during Ozone Action Days. High ozone levels can cause serious health problems, and inhaling ground-level ozone is especially dangerous for people who have asthma or respiratory problems.

Suggested strategies for Ozone Action Days include:

  • Carpool to work
  • Reschedule off-site meetings or utilize conference call technology
  • Bring lunch to work or carpool to lunch
  • Ride DART, bicycle or walk
  • Reduce idling, including during start up
  • Postpone mowing to a day that is not an Ozone Action Day
  • Drive your most fuel-efficient vehicle when driving is necessary
  • Make sure tires are properly inflated
  • Avoid grilling and burning trash
  • Conserve electricity

The City of Richardson takes steps to reduce emissions year-round, including extra action on high ozone days, by following a Clean Fleet policy established by a resolution of the City Council in 2015.

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