We wanted to invite you to attend Access+Inclusion 23: A Road Toward Mental Wellness taking place Feb. 6-11 at various locations in Richardson.

The week-long event is a continuation of a conversation started in 2021 with the event called Inclusion is Magical, which brought attention to the capabilities and opportunities of individuals on the autism spectrum.

This year’s program was created to raise awareness and open a discussion about mental health and wellness, continuing to encourage the involvement of organizations and departments within our community.

Activities will be led by Dr. Kevin Spencer, Ph.D., who is not only a researcher, but also an award-winning film producer, speaker, and entertainer.  The program will include panel discussions for first responders and symposiums with local experts, and two Sensory Inclusive magic shows.

Access+Inclusion 23: A Road Toward Mental Wellness is free, but registration is required.

Visit www.eisemanncenter.com/Access-Inclusion-23 for more information.