At Monday’s City Council meeting, the Council approved a resolution adopting its 2021-23 Statement of Goals, including Rules of Engagement, a Vision and a list of four goals and 12 strategies that set the tone for the Council’s term of governance.

The 2021-23 Goals are:

  • Our well-trained, engaged and innovative employees deliver an exceptional customer experience while working in a safe, inclusive and equitable environment
  • To have clear, understandable and consistently applied processes and policies that make it easy for residents, employees and other stakeholders to interact with the City
  • To have residents and other stakeholders choose Richardson as the best place to locate, contribute and engage
  • To effectively and efficiently manage City resources while maintaining and enhancing City services

For the complete 2021-23 City Council Statement of Goals, go to A list of proposed tactics on how to carry out the strategies will be presented to the Council in December.