RICHARDSON – One of the breakout segments in the State of the City Address was the 2020-21 budget approved by the Richardson City Council last year that included a decrease of almost $1.6 million with cuts made in every department to prepare for long-term economic impacts related to COVID-19.

The video presented during the Address shows how the city focused its resources on maintaining and protecting core services such as infrastructure improvements, public safety, and utilities such as water and trash. It also touches on the sales and property tax revenue which have been stable throughout the pandemic.

The other videos included as breakout segments in the State of the City Address will be posted every Monday and Thursday on the city’s social media channels and include Richardson’s dedication to improving and maintaining infrastructure, keeping core services operational, the city’s community partners, building economic strength, the recovery effort from the 2019 tornado, upcoming infrastructure projects and the support given to local arts and cultural groups.

People are invited to visit to see the Address in its entirety.